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Silver Package Full Detail

This is both Interior and Exterior. Wash decontamination and seal on the exterior. Interior deep clean and protectant. Leather thoroughly cleaned and conditioned. Engine clean and dress, windows, wheels and tires. No paint correction in this service. Any scratches, oxidation or other paint defects will be handled in the Gold Package or the Paint correction package.

Cars – Starting at $225.00

Trucks, Vans & Suvs – Starting at $250.00 – $300.00


Ceramic Coating

Trained and Certified in ceramic coating application. Nationally recognized and car fax certified paint protection warranty.

Starting at $650.00


Gold Package Full Detail

This is everything in the Silver Package plus a paint correction on the exterior. Jobs are priced depending on the needs of the customer and the vehicle. A prior examination is recommended. A paint correction can correct micro marring from improper washing, oxidation, some scratches, vandalism, paint over spray, buffing swirls, etc.

Starting at $400.00


Paint Correction Package

*Price depending on condition of the vehicle. This is a paint correction with no interior. Paint corrections can be done in 1, 2 or 3 steps depending on the wants and needs.

1 Step – Starting at $300.00

2 Step – Starting at $400.00


Interior Clean & Protect Package

A Basic wash on the outside and a thorough cleaning on the interior. Clean all the doors and dash. Shampoo the floors, mats and seats. Leather clean and condition. Followed with a light vinyl dressing. All the windows Usually takes 2 or 3 hours plus an extra hour for drying time. 4 hours total if shampooed.

Starting at $150.00


Wash, Decon and Seal Exterior Package

This is an exterior protection package. We wash the exterior and then run a chemical and physical decontamination removing any tar, grit or grime stuck on the clear coat. A polymer sealant is then applied. The polymer provides better gloss, shine and durability than traditional carnuba waxes. No Buffing or other Paint correction is included in this service. Excessive amounts of tar, Iron,road paint etc. will be billed separate. Please work out any concerns ahead of time.

Starting at $99.00